*New MLTC Tandem Learning Community* NOW LIVE

The MLTC Tandem Learning Community is now live. Language learning in tandem takes place when native speakers of two different languages work together in order to learn each other´s language and develop a knowledge of the target culture and community. Partners have the opportunity to give each other help through friendly corrections, advice, questions, etc. Tandem learning is underpinned by principles of:
  • reciprocity - both partners should benefit equally from the exchange
  • and autonomy - each partner is responsible for their own language learning, establishing learning goals and deciding on methods and materials.
If you are a member of staff or a student of the University of Sheffield, please follow this link to find a partner: Tandem Learning Community Please note:
  • You must be logged onto the Sheffield University network to be able to view the Google plus site as it is restricted to TUOS (you will receive a 404 message if not logged on).
  • You will need to create a Google+ profile with your University of Sheffield email account in order to join.
  • You don’t need to be registered with the MLTC and the community is not limited to languages offered by the MLTC.
  • If you are registered with the MLTC, you may find the tandem community a useful addition to your course for extra speaking practice and cultural input from a native speaker in relation to your own interests.
  • The scheme is not available for University accreditation or HEAR and cannot be taken by STEM students as a substitute for the Tandem Learning modules.
  • The community is intended for students to find an informal partner. The University and the MLTC take no responsibility.

*Translation Job vacancies for students*

Language Insight Translation Company in the North West of England and Central London We are a fast growing translation company and we recognise that students are the future of translation. We are happy to collaborate closely with student and provide them paid work for transcription and translation to nurture their translation skills by providing regular help and feedback after work is completed. The following jobs are currently available, if you are interested please send your CV and a covering letter to Recruitment@languageinsight.com please ensure you put in the subject line the job you are wishing to apply for as this is important so we can match you to the right department. Audio Translation Assignments We have many transcription assignments in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Japanese. If you are able to listen to the audio in these languages and transcribe into English we would be willing to consider you to work as a freelancer around your studies. Upon successful completion of a test file, if successful we would be happy to work with you on a regular basis providing the quality of your work remains excellent and you are able to stick to the set deadlines. You will be paid per recorded minute of audio. Translation Assignments If you are looking to gain translation experience direct with a translation company as a paid freelancer then this could be the ideal job for you. Based around your studies and providing deadlines are met Language Insight will provide you with constant feedback so you can improve your translation skills. Again this is paid and on a set per word basis. Currently language combinations are from English into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese only. Work placements for our busy Preston or London offices  We have an exciting opportunity for students who have or are studying their MA in Translation and we are currently looking for translators who work from English to French, German, Spanish or Italian, Japanese and Chinese. A work placement of 6 months with a fantastic training package and mentoring from an experienced in-house translator will be invaluable to your translation career. Again a test file will need to be completed before the interview process.