Student Opportunity- Campus Industries are looking for creative and hardworking students…


Campus Industries are looking for creative and hardworking students to work as Brand Ambassadors for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Successful candidates will be involved in one of the FCO’s major PR and marketing campaigns.

What does an FCO Ambassador do?

–      Writes and publishes interesting and relevant articles/content

–     Organises and runs events that help to communicate foreign travel advice to students.

–    Raises awareness of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s ‘Know Before You Go’ campaign; a campaign aimed at making sure travellers research their destination and are prepared before they leave the UK.

What are the benefits?

–       Invaluable work experience for University Students

–       Highly  competitive rate of pay

–       Flexible work designed to fit around your workload

–       Great opportunity for anyone interested in writing/journalism or a career at the FCO

Successful candidates must:

–       Be conscientious, resourceful and organised

–       Have an interest in travel and/or foreign politics

–       Have some form of journalistic experience, for example writing for a student media outlet or producing their own blog

–       Be a full time student for the academic year 2016/17

How to apply?