Technology Enhanced Learning Festival

This year our Technology Enhanced Learning Festival (TELFest) will be taking place between 3 July - 7 July 2017.   This week long event consists of a range of sessions designed to help those that deliver and support learning and teaching make the most of technology as part of their delivery. Topics covered in the past include social media, flipped learning, MOLE, electronic assessment, mobile learning, Google Apps and much more. The week offers a variety of opportunities to share practice with colleagues across the institution.   The format of sessions in previous years have included workshops, bitesize practical sessions, case studies, panel discussions, debates and games, and this year we will be introducing poster displays, as well as our regular Innovation Corner exhibition, which showcases the cutting edge of learning technology.   "Digital technologies can play a major role in enhancing the way we teach and also the way in which students learn. However there can be a reluctance on the part of teachers to engage with learning technologies due to lack of skills or understanding of their application in different settings. By showcasing what our colleagues are doing with learning technologies across the University, TELfest offers a great chance to reduce some of the apprehension and fears around technology, explore what is being done and to highlight the positive ways in which teaching and learning can evolve. The sharing of ideas around learning and teaching is a major means of supporting the excellence agenda in the new Learning and Teaching Strategy and I look forward to hearing about the work my colleagues are pursuing in this area." - Wyn Morgan (Vice-President for Education)   To share your practice during TELFest or to suggest an idea for a session, please complete this form by Friday 28 February 2017:   For more information about TELFest please go to: or contact Farzana Latif Technology Enhanced Learning Manager

Workshop on Subtitling and Dubbing in Foreign Language

Workshop on Subtitling and Dubbing in Foreign Language Teaching Saturday 11 February 2017   9:30 – 15:00 The main aim of these workshops is to provide teacher training in the use of subtitling and dubbing techniques for foreign language acquisition purposes. Both workshops will provide a general overview of the different possibilities for the use of these audiovisual translation modalities in class, as well as practical exercises that you will be able to use with your students. Content includes subtitling to enhance listening comprehension, motivation, group projects; dubbing to improve oral expression; adding voice to a clip for narration purposes; karaoke. As a secondary objective, the workshops also aim to provide an alternative to practising ‘translation’ in preparation for A-level exams due to the changes in the legislation. The material provided is of intermediate level (B1-B2) and can be used for different language combinations (English, Spanish, French, German). Accordingly, if you are an A-level or undergraduate languages teacher, you are more than welcome to join us! For further information, please contact
FILTA Film in Language Teaching Association
FILTA Link for registration and online payment: Workshop on Subtitling and Dubbing in Foreign Language Teaching Saturday 11 February 2017   9:30 – 15:00 Registration fee: £80 Organised by... Workshop on Subtitling and Dubbing in Foreign Language Teaching About FILTA Film in Language Teaching Association. This is a social space for educators and researchers interested in using film for teaching languages
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